Meet some friends in E2L’s Learning Gardens

Volunteers from Comcast Cable kicks off the start of garden season with their annual volunteer day, Comcast Cares Day
Volunteers from Comcast Cable kick off the growing season with their annual Comcast Cares Day
Martha teaching us how to destroy the plant when we pick the greens so that it will keep producing all season
Pruning off the big and the oldest leaves keeps Greens healthy and growing new leaves all season
Anton Seals Jr. is carrying a large bag of kale. We've affectionately named him  "Kale Santa"
Anton Seals Jr. (aka Kale Santa)
Mrs. Ruthie is inviting you to come over to the garden
Mrs. Ruthie says come out and get your hands dirty!
Saani Tucker is watering some newly transplanted lettuce
Saani watering newly transplanted lettuce
May 2013
May 2013 University of Chicago Hospitals volunteers at their annual Day of Service and Reflection.
Anton Seals Jr, Yvette Myoho (Real Men Cook), and Martha Boyd
Anton Seals Jr, Yvette Moyo (Real Men Charities, Inc), Andre Garner (IL Friendship Foundation) and Martha Boyd
University of Chicago new student volunteers, September 2013
University of Chicago new student volunteers, September 2013



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