Eat to Live 2014

Chives and Penstemon

After a long, cold winter, we are ready for a productive season with some exciting news:

  1. Black Oaks Center for Sustainable Renewable Living is a new partner. Joining the partnerships of Angelic Organics Learning Center and Real Men Charities, Inc. We are proud of this cooperative and collaborative model, and are grateful and fortunate to have added such a great partner to our collective work. Please visit to learn more about our new partner.
  2. With Black Oaks joining, E2L adds the Healthy Food Hub (HFH) to our activities. Black Oaks has run the HFH for over 5 years, and we’re excited to bring their model to Englewood at the Harvard Academy of Excellence every 2nd Saturday starting June 27. Also, sign up for the membership at 
  3. The City of Chicago’s Department of Planning and Development will be starting on the Eat to Live Farm Incubator site this fall. We look forward to this development! Check back for updates.

Our first Open Garden Day in 2014 is April 26 with Comcast Cares, helping us prep the Garden for the new season.

Join in and learn more about the Eat to Live project. Also, please spread the word to our Englewood neighbors about the city’s large lot program! Eat to Live advocates for residents to be the main beneficiaries in the changes taking place in Englewood.

Here’s to a great season of growth!

The Eat to Live Family

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