Give Me Water- or a cold July day

Back in March, expecting a hot and dry summer, we named our July event “Give Me Water: Hydrating in the Heat.” Instead, after one short hot spell, we’ve had surprisingly cool days and even brisk evenings. Who knew we’d want our parkas in late July?

On Saturday, shivering in the cool afternoon breeze, the gathered group enjoyed Anton’s fresh fruit shaved ice and fruit waters. People chose from lightly-sweetened concentrates of blueberry, mango, lime, or blueberry-pomegranate thinned with coconut water, squeezed over shaved ice.  Sweeteners included blue agave, simple syrup (1:1 sugar and water), and Truvia (from Stevia, a plant you can grow at home).  They tasted refreshing water with floating pieces of fresh fruit and herbs — watermelon/mint, and strawberry/kiwi.  Ms Vernice’s delicious garden-fresh cuisine rounded out the offerings: kale greens, black beans with red and yellow peppers, baked sweet potatoes, and zucchini corn muffins.
 (See recipes at * up by August 1

Everyone warmed up riding Working Bikes’ bike-generator, and hula hooping.
Even if we’re not sweating as much as we would at 100 degrees, our bodies need water to cool and lubricate, and for optimal internal functions. Try to drink HALF your body’s weight in ounces of fresh water per day. For example: if you’re 130 pounds, drink ~65 ounces or 8 cups = 1/2 gallon.

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